About Us

The School of Pure and Applied Sciences is strategically placed to offer support programs to achieve the South Eastern Kenya University (SEKU) mandate in Research and Innovation in Dryland Agriculture, Water Resources, Mining and Environmental Conservation. The school continues to offer and develop relevant academic programs in order to meet the teaching and training requirements in the field of Pure and Applied Sciences. The school has a diverse and competent faculty who provide intensive training and scientific exposure to students so as to contribute in achieving the global Sustainable Developmental Goals (SDGs), The AU Africa Agenda 2063 and the Kenya’s Vision 2030.
Key physical facilities within the school include three well-equipped laboratories for chemistry, biology and molecular biology for training and research and expansive grassland for ecological and other field related studies. The school also houses a state-of- the- art Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AAS) for analytical research. The current population of students in the school is 2,415. The school has developed industrial and local and international research partnerships through various MOUs, and has attracted research grants.